Thursday, July 2, 2015


I'm finally back with an outfit post! And it's a fun one. In this post I am wearing these wonderful metallic silver joggers* from a store called IfChic. I got them through a monthly promotion they do called the #ifchic24 where on the 24th of every month you can spend "ifchic coins" that you can collect on the website throughout the month. Here is the link to the faq page where they explain it all (much better than me). It's fun going to the website and collecting the ifchic coins, it feels like a treasure hunt. And I love these pants so much, I think they will be the perfect thing to wear for playing a show.
PS: I had an amazing week in Austin. It was so surreal and amazing to see Max for a whole week. We went swimming, shopping, ate tacos and donuts, explored the city, went dancing, and it was a dream. I felt so at home there, I can't wait until I graduate and can move down there :-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Genuine People Wishlist

Today I am going to do a wishlist post for Genuine People, which is a store that I recently got sponsored by and I am very fucking excited about it! They have a lot of cute clothes, and most of it is normal stuff you would see on other sites but then a good chunk of it is weirder, vintage looking stuff. And it's all super affordable. I can't wait to collab with them. I haven't ordered anything yet, so let me know what you like best and help me decide what to get! Here are some of the clothes that are my favorites.
And here is a $10 coupon for my readers! Use the code 10SPGV901 at checkout :-)
School Girl Dress                                                 Embroidered Top
 Gray Shirt Dress                                               Silver Sequin Skirt
 Cactus Print Tee                                               White Sailor Dress

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Yoni gave me this dress, maybe 6 months ago, and it used to belong to her mom. I've tried to take pictures in it before but they would never turn out how I want. I love the length of the dress, it's sort of relaxed and loose on me and it's extremely comfortable. My mom is coming to visit me today and is going to spend two nights, and tonight were going out to dinner at this fancy restaurant I've never been to. I invited Yoni too actually, because she bought me dinner last week. I think it will be fun, I want to drink a cocktail :-)
After my mom visits I'm going to Austin for a week, so I think this might be my last outfit post for a little while. I'm going to bring my camera and computer though, so we'll see! Maybe I'll do a wishlist post or something... Anyway I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures in Texas so I can report back on my trip :-)

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Here is a pretty playsuit* I got this week from ZNU :-) It was pretty wrinkled when it came in the mail but after I ironed it a bit I think it looks great and I love the way it hangs. I love ironing... it's so satisfying. The vibes of this outfit are more floral and sorority girl than I usually prefer, but I still really love it.
I'm trying to decide what to do tonight, I was invited to go camping and also to go to a Grimes concert in Charlotte. Maybe I'll just stay home, lol. Next weekend we leave for Austin and I am soooo fucking excited, ahh I wish it was here already!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Here is a photoshoot I did two nights ago with Yoni, featuring another very cute backpack* from Jump From Paper. We drank beers on the track at night and tried to channel sports. I was like, is this how you do it? Am I sports yet? It was fun. I haven't done a photoshoot with my friends in a while, and it made me want to do it more often. I'm really happy with the pictures too. I want to experiment with flash photography more - I really like the candid effect it has. I usually take my pictures in the morning so I have nice natural light in my room, but it's hard to have an adventurous photoshoot in the morning.
Isn't this backpack fucking cool though? I was wearing it around town yesterday and everyone was talking to me about it. The guy at the beer store was like, wow your backpack startled me. It has this crazy optical illusion going, like it's flat in real life but made to look 3d, so it's just trippy. My friend Mariah saw the pictures and was like, did you edit the backpack in? Lol no, no I did not.
PS: This is the week that I'm curating Shop Catalog! Here is the link to my profile - I think you will like my choices :)

Monday, June 8, 2015


Here is a sort of goth lolita outfit, with a black top* from ZNU. It came as a set with a white skirt, but the skirt didn't really fit and they sent it to me by mistake anyway so I figured I would just post the shirt. It's cute so that's all that matters! They sent me a romper also, which I did order, and I'll be posting that soon :)
I had this crazy dream last night that I went to this enormous, floating industrial building for a photoshoot, and the photographer was really mean and misogynistic and hated me. It was the most self-indulgent and self-loathing dream, all at once. I hope I get to do fancy photoshoots one day (with nice people).

Saturday, June 6, 2015


This week I got this Ollie bag* from Jump From Paper, and a cute pink top* and cutoff shorts* from Dresslink. I love this outfit! I think wearing pastels like these feels so natural in the summer, and the colors go with my hair really well. Aren't I modest?
I am watching my dog Scully for the day so now we are going to go to the park and lie around and play, I love her so much <3