Thursday, July 30, 2015


Guess what... I got extensions!!!  I got the 24 inch royal remy platinum blonde extensions* from Irresistible Me, and I am soooo excited about them. I dyed them myself! I have never had extensions before, and I was worried that they would look weird or that I would dye them wrong and mess them up, but I think they turned out wonderfully. I could never grow my hair this long on my own! I mean, you can tell they are extensions, but I also think I'm not very good at putting them in yet so maybe they will blend better with my hair in the future. I toned them with Wella t18 and 050, and then dyed them blue with a mix of ion shark blue, manic panic after midnight, and some conditioner. It took two nights to do it but it was super worth it! I thought for my first post with them I would make them stand out by wearing all black.

Monday, July 27, 2015


In this post I am wearing another cute sailor outfit from, this time in pink, and my backpack from Jump From Paper. And now I am a real life cartoon character. 
Today I'm going back to Blacksburg! It was really nice going home to see my parents, but being back where I grew up gives me really intense waves of nostalgia that I don't know how to handle. I'm glad I could visit but I will be happy to get back into my normal routine, and now I have my car! Omg and I can go to the grocery store whenever I feel like it, or to goodwill. I feel like I officially just became an adult, like now I have a good job and my own apartment and a car. How the fuck did that happen? Well I certainly don't dress like an adult! Hooray! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Here is a cute lil dress I got from goodwill this week. I've been wearing a lot of long, loose dresses this week. God this dress is so comfortable though, it's like walking around just wearing a really soft sheet. This is something I could wear all day everyday (and I have been). I really dig how shapeless it is, like I'm just wearing a big androgynous sack.
I'm taking a bus back home to visit my family this weekend, and I'm going to pick up my car and drive it back with me. I'm really excited to have a car again, I plan on buying snacks and driving myself to the river whenever I feel like it.
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sailor Mercury ☆

I got this really, really cute sailor babe outfit from this week! I got one in pink too, and I'll post that later this week :) This is pretty much as girly as I can get. You know if you came in to my apartment you would definitely notice an anime trend... I have a really cute anime body pillow on my bed and a sailor moon painting by my dresser. Man I live in my own little fantasy world over here. I literally just hang out by myself all day and pretend I'm an anime girl (which is equally as sad as it is fun). I think I got the look down anyway. Now I just need some secret magic powers.
Yo this fucking song. Seriously.
PS the last picture is just like one time when I was taking this really magical bubble bath and dreaming about all the bad guys I've defeated 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Here is another outfit I got from a lapel crop top* and a denim skirt*! The top is almost too small, but it's so cute so that's ok! And I'm definitely going to wear this skirt all the time, it's been ages since I had a denim skirt. That's definitely a staple item of clothing, a good skirt can go a long way. Pretty much anything made of denim feels like home, like it reminds me of being 13 and drawing all over my jeans. 
I think I'm finally going to get ableton back on my computer tonight, and them I can finish this song I've been working on! Two songs, actually. I can't wait to post them!
Speaking of music, click here for tunes :-)

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Here is a red maxi dress* I got from Nextshe :-) It is a very comfortable, stretchy fabric, like a really good t-shirt fabric. The color is lovely! I love that deep, wine red. My only problem with it is the slit on the side goes up a bit too high for me, and its shaped sort of awkwardly. Still very cute though, maybe I'll cut it into a shirt eventually. It makes me feel like a tacky 90's vampire, in a good way.
I'm so glad it's Sunday! I'm going to clean my apartment some and make food and lounge hard. Maybe I'll read or draw and drink tea :-)

Friday, July 10, 2015


I love this plaid dress* so much! It's from, who I got a package from earlier in the week. I'll be posting a couple other things from their site soon. The dress is sort of heavy but is lined with a fabric thats cool to the touch and balances it out, so it feels really nice to wear. It'll be perfect for the fall. It makes me feel goth and 80's and like a bratty school girl all at once. Two thumbs up from me!
Last night my friend Mariah and I decided we would try our hand at making youtube videos together. I feel like that is only something I would want to try if a friend would do it with me. So be on the lookout for that, hopefully we really go through with it! And if you have any ideas let me know :)