Sunday, March 1, 2015


Ok! So! I posted a picture in this shirt forever ago but that's when I was just starting my blog and now that I'm a lot better at everything I thought I would post it again, because it's a rad fucking shirt and I don't think I really did it justice the first time. My friend Yoni found it in a dumpster actually, which makes it much cooler. And speaking of Yoni, yesterday I helped her take/edit pictures and she started a lookbook! I'm very proud of the pictures we took so you should go check em out.
Also my friend just texted me and asked if I wanted a cat?? Omg yes I want a cat! YES!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


When I was moving I found this plaid skirt from when I was in high school, and I'm so happy because I thought it was lost forever! I feel like in this look I have achieved a good balance of goth and preppy school girl. I also didn't sleep on my hair when it was wet this time, which is really rare for me because I am laaazy, so you can see what my hair looks like when its actually all nice and straight. It's getting longer! it's like, mid-length now kind of. I am dreading when it gets to the point where its just between my shoulders and my boobs, I feel like that is the ugliest length of hair but you have to go through it to get nice long hair y'know. This next week is going to be hard because I need to catch up on a bunch of school work, and it's also going to be my first week living by myself. So I really hope it goes well! I feel like it could be really great if I want it to be. 
The shirt and purse are from goodwill, the skirt is vintage, the hat is from UNIF, and my socks and shoes are from amazon :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I got this long denim thing at goodwill yesterday, along with my new sofa and some other apartment stuff. My mom visited also and brought me a new rug for my living room, and now my place is really starting to feel like home :-) 
I've been trying to decide what to do with my hair... I'm definitely into this blue but idk, would it be a bad idea to dye it black? I feel like I'm going to do it eventually... Anyway, I feel like winds are changing in my life and the next couple months have a lot in store for me. Having my own apartment is going to be crazy and I don't think the reality of that has really settled in yet. I wanna step up my game y'know, like really use the rest of my time in school to its full potential. I wanna collaborate with people! And yet at the same time I want to be really anti-social and live in my pretend fantasy internet world. I'm nervous but I'm excited :-)

Monday, February 23, 2015


Good morning internet :-)
This is the second outfit I recently got from Style Moi, you can find the top here and the skirt here (and the fluffy pink jacket is from amazon). I was so pleasantly surprised with this skirt! On the website it seemed like it might be too short for me, but actually it is the perfect length for a waist skirt. I hate it when I am wearing a skirt and I feel like I have to be careful how I walk or bend over because it's just a little bit too short. I've also really wanted a red velvet skirt like this for a while, like I actually ordered one on amazon but then the seller messed up and sent me a really ugly shirt instead. So this worked out great! The top is obviously very cute too. It feels a bit awkward to wear because the straps don't want to sit flat on my skin, but they are adjustable so it's easy to play with it a bit to try and find the right fit. 
My best friend from my hometown is staying with me for a few days, and my apartment is finally coming together, so hopefully I will be posting some pictures of it later this week. I feel like a princess :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I am finally in my new apartment! My life is finally coming together and I can fucking relax! Oh my god, I am so relieved. Having a space to myself is so wonderful. Since it snowed like a foot I haven't been able to move in really, so all thats here is my mattress pretty much. That's ok though, an empty apartment is great for pictures :)
So in this look I am wearing this amazing black mesh dress* from Style Moi. I honestly couldn't be more excited about it, the mesh has this awesome heavy texture to it that makes it hang really beautifully. I think the brand of it is actually Unif, which is where my hat is from too. I got a couple other things from Style Moi that I can't wait to post about too! Everything they have is very cute and very affordable. This dress I think can be kind of hard to wear successfully since it's mesh and there aren't a lot of occasions where mesh is very appropriate, at least in my conservative little town. But if you live in an internet paradise like me, then it is perfect for feeling cute at home :)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Echo Club House Wishlist

Only two more days until I move in to my new apartment! I have been dying to do an outfit post for days, but since I've been staying with friends I've been wearing like the same outfit for a week and I don't really have a good place to take pictures (or any time to myself, for that matter). So next week you can expect a huge resurgence of my internet presence. I feel like I'm going through withdrawals.
Anyway, I thought to make up for lost time I would make a wishlist post about Echo Club House (formerly Sway Chic). It is a store I have been following for several months now, and everything they sell is amazing. And then recently when I went to their "about" page I realized that a bunch of their team is made up of my favorite bloggers, which made me jealous and excited all at once. I am very broke right now but I think my next shopping spree will be from them. So, here are all my current favorites from their site! When I put it all in the cart on their site it totals 228 dollars, but i definitely wouldn't buy all this at once. The shoes are my favorite thing I think but they aren't currently available in my size. I might have to buy myself the grid print set though.
Cherry Blossom Halter                                    Dragon Tattoo Halter
 Check Green Shorts                                           Faux Suede Skirt
Grid Print Jogger                                              Grid Print Hoodie
White Mini Backpack                                       White Platform Boots

Thursday, February 5, 2015


I put more blue in my hair last night :) A friend just gave me this shirt, and I like the sporty vibes a lot. I love taking pictures in Saadia's room so much, the lighting and the space is perfect! I signed the lease for my new apartment today, for until I graduate. I can't move in until the 16th because they need to remodel the bathroom, but thats fine with me! I get a brand new bathroom! Thats pretty much all I have to say for now... I have the rest of the day off :)